UC San Diego, Computer Science and Engineering, Teaching Assistant (Current)

  • [CSE 152] Computer Vision (Spring 16) – Upcoming
  • [CSE 253] Graduate Neural Networks (Fall 16)
  • [CSE 252A] Graduate Computer Vision (Fall 15)
  • [CSE 152] Computer Vision (Spring 15)
  • [CSE 190] Neural Networks (Winter 15)

NTU, Singapore, School of Computer Engineering, Student Tutor
As part of the Student Tutorial Group, I taught the following courses :

  • Computer Architecture (Jan 12- July 12)
  • Digital Communications (Aug 11-Dec 11)
  • Digital Systems (Aug 11-Dec 11)

Tutorials from discussion sections

  • (CSE190) Introduction to ANNs and Perceptrons [Discussion_1]
  • (CSE190) Hebbian Learning and Hopfield Networks [Discussion_2]
  • (CSE190) Generalized Gradient Descent and Regression as optimization [Discussion_3]


Informal tutorials from my blog

  • Kernel Density Estimation and Convolution [read]
  • Linear Regression [read]
  • The Word Chain Game – Graph Theoretic Approach [read]
  • Counting Inversions [read]
  • Prime Sieve Problem [read]
  • Lambertian Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function [read]
  • Creating Splits for K-Fold Cross Validation [read]


  • Hindi (Devnagari) to English (Roman) Transliteration  [read] [HindiEnglishTransliterator]
  • Meditation/Music Training App (iOS) [Apple-Store]
  • Generalizable feed-forward back-propagation neural network [backprop_ANN_code]


  • Regarding Dhrupad Music [read]