Conference Publications/Posters

  • Rachit Dubey, Akshat Dave, Bernard Ghanem, Improving Saliency Models by Predicting Human Fixation Patches (ACCV 2014) [Report]
  • Akshat Dave*, Rachit Dubey*, Bernard Ghanem, “Do Humans Fixate on Interest Points?”, International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2012) [Slides] [Video][Report]

Journal Papers

Technical Reports

  • Akshat Dave*, Rachit Dubey*, Bernard Ghanem, “Learning to Detect Fixation Patches”, open Report on [Report]
  • Akshat Dave, “Explorations in the design of a multisensor system for seismic and geodetic monitoring of volcanoes”, Nanyang Technological University Repository (NTU-DR 2011) [Bachelor Thesis with Dr. Dannie Hidayat] [Slides] [Report]

Acknowledged Works

  • Sandro Carrara, , Davide Sacchetto, Marie-Agnès Doucey, Camilla Baj-Rossi, Giovanni De Micheli, Yusuf Leblebici, “Memristive-biosensors: A new detection method by using nanofabricated memristors” , Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volumes 171–172, (2012)