R&D Intern (June 15 – Sep 15),
Informatica Corp., California, U.S.A

Large data integration tools are capable of processing huge data sources and a large number of databases. The key ingredients to the success of such a system are integrity of the results and the speed of operation. The current product line already runs fast, but can it be made faster? Finding out which tasks more optimally and if possible, concurrently could boost performance considerably.

Technical Analyst (July 12 – July 14),
Credit Suisse, Singapore

Bank regulators in every region want to keep an eye on banking activities. Regulators FINMA (in Switzerland) and the FSA (in the UK) want to check if we are playing by the rules in their respective jurisdictions. Saying “Yes we are sir” is not enough. The set of the latest regulations/recommendations is called Basel-3.

Dealing with millions of trades each day, its up to our team of data experts to understand the latest requirements and design efficient solutions to evaluate Credit Risk and report risk evaluation parameters (Capital Requirements, Liquidity etc.). One cannot get away without thoroughly understanding the domain of Credit Risk and the need for evaluating it. Internal risk evaluation not only benefits each individual bank in the long run, but also the complete financial services system.

Signal Processing Intern (May 10 – July 10),
Hughes Systique Corporation, New Delhi, India

A major issue in voice communication is the problem of echo. This occurs when the voice from the speaker is retransmitted through the earphone. In recent years, this problem has carried over to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and is a subset of the larger problem of voice quality enhancement (VQE).

A major customer in the telecommunications industry (undisclosed due to NDA), came to Hughes with a VQE model for optimization and porting onto a digital signal processor. As part Digital Signal Processing Group at Hughes Systique, I was responsible for optimizing the model. In addition to model optimization, I also authored an internal paper elucidating the VQE model for employee training purposes.